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We are GIVING OUT GAME TOKENS to members !

Kris / Jul 27, 2015
EVERY TIME the guild earns gold from completing Guild Achievements from this day forward, the gold earned from the achievements will go towards buying a token. Once we have enough to purchase a token I will review the logs and gift the token to the player that participated in the most achievements that earned the token.
For those that are not familiar with tokens: Tokens buy you and ENTIRE month of gaming! or you can sell it on the auction house for 16,000 to 25,000 in game gold !

Joining the Mount Farm Runs- Riad/Dungeon Old Content Runs-PVP group Runs are all going to be the FASTEST way to earn achievements=a token. To look at all available Guild Achievements simply click the ACHIEVEMENT tab, click the GUILD tab at bottom and scroll threw the VERY MANY available achievements. There are also a lot of sol-able and easy achievements.

Here is the link to our Guilds Achivement page:


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